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What is Wrong With Roxio Game HD Pro?

The Roxio Game HD Pro Invites us to Record on HD with an AV Component Cable.

First flaw of Roxio Game Capture HD Pro is that to record on ps3 do you have to use a AV component cable (rather bulky if you ask me) which is not included and it would make you spend some extra money. On the other hand you will need a hdmi cable to plug from xbox. And one hdmi to plug from tv. So you need 2 all together. Not included…, of course.


roxio game hd pro

Good Device, Poor Software. Sorry Roxio Game HD Pro, is the Truth.

  1. Reason to buy or no / background of Roxio game hd pro. It is the Cheapest compared to the competition with around 50 USD – 60 USD but if you don’t have the cables you will arrive to the same price.
  2. DELIVERY: When you unpack the following is supplied: – ROXIO Game Capture HD PRO – A 1 – 1.5 meters long USB cable with gold plated connectors (looks real nice out.) – A Quick Start Guide (for completely clueless.) – Software / Driver DVD with Roxio Game Capture and Roxio VideoWave The packaging is several times that the console cable (HDMI for Xbox or component cable for the PS3 ) must be provided by the user.roxio game hd pro what is in the box roxio game hd pro connexions unopened box
  3. FIRST IMPRESSION: After the Roxio was quickly connected and the software was installed, I have the quality all screwed up and recorded with my Xbox 360 Halo 4 on the map Heaven the first 10 minutes. The operation is very simple and understandable for everyone, also expected upon successful installation nothing disturb you. since I was very curious about the result, I have the video looked me straight times and at first extremely frightened. It looked very pixelated and muddy. , but maybe I can give them a break: I have too high expectations of the unit and left out of consideration, that the Xbox 360 itself only supports natively 720p without anti-aliasing (edge ​​smoothing). While the Roxio expects 1080p (by me by default selected) high, but can not perform miracles and show everything as detailed as we are used to on a PC.setup roxio game hd pro playstation
  4. HOW IT WORKS (Case Study: Xbox 360, HDMI, 1080p televisions, powerful PC) . Firstly Xbox 360 with the capture card is connected via HDMI for the live image, is thus delay the game, go up another HDMI cable to the Fits Rough (HDMI output above) of the Roxio from the TV. ensure that the image can be recorded, the PC with the capture card is connected via a USB cable. then the recording software is selected and the recording after a few settings just started when the Capture Card was also detected and outputs an image.roxio game hd pro official description
  5. RECORDING SOFTWARE SETUP: If the software has been installed from the DVD (Just follow the instructions) and “Record” is clicked, the following window will appear: Links can be – source (Capture Card) – input (HDMI or Component) – recording format (only m2ts) – recording time (if required), – quality (controller without numbers) – location of the video – the name of the video. Setting When the button clicks at source options can be general bit rate in the grid just in – numbers to 15,000 KB / s specify and select resolution specifically. – The grid hotkey the buttons for starting and stopping recording can be selected. – In Grid Live Stream Settings can be like resolution, upstream bit rate and other settings for JustinTV for the stream to make. law in the window is displayed, the input image from the console delayed. (The delay on the PC is completely natural and with any external capture card such as the image of the map and is collected and processed on a PC to a m2ts file. This takes about 2 seconds. This image is only used to see if a signal is there and looks like the image not to live keep track everything, because that the image is passed through the pass-through to the TV.) If you go to the “sun” next to the circled exclamation mark right click in the capture window, then appear on the left below the other options, more controls that you – Brightness – Contrast – Saturation.roxio game hd pro connexions
  6. EDIT: Since the video data come as a m2ts from the Capture Card, it must also be edited to be uploaded to Youtube. To edit and finalize the video data can be in the start window of the Roxio software below on the button “Record” on ” edit and share “button. ROXIO It Starts VideoWave. It is similar in appearance to a mixture of Movie Maker and Sony Vegas. Here you can as good as anything edit the video and then either directly upload with VideoWave or can render as a final video file. With as good as anything I mean – of course cut – add transitions – Many visual effects insert – insert writings – to cut images and music – etc.

Versios and Bundles Table

Roxio Game Capture HD PRO

Check Price!

Bundle: Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and Amazon Basics High-Speed HDMI Cable

See Today’s Offer

Roxio Game Capture

See the price of the older version here!

A. The Capture Card: The Roxio Capture HD PRO makes a stable impression and the cables are firmly connected to the terminals. It is also stable and slip-resistant, thanks to the rubber feet on the ground. As soon as you connect the Roxio with the PC and thus it is power, the extreme right, circled blue arrow starts to shine. Moreover, then including the respective LED for the active signal input (Component / HDMI) lights. I think the Roxio looks good and stays very functional, even if she does pretty wide if you let it connected with component cables and HDMI. Otherwise it acts by Material ago well built. – Score: 5

B. Quality of the videos: 1st picture: The picture is almost 1: 1 true color and almost as sharp as it is taken from the console. The smallest details become blurred in the distance, but this is due to the decoding and does not fall further on. It is hard to distinguish from what you see live. – Score: 5 2.Ton: The sound is nice and clear and comes across well, but at the latest by large explosions and music upbeats falls on: Hardly bass. The lack of bass is also noticed about the tests I’ve read on the Internet and is just disappointing, however, can not subsequently increase slightly again. – Score: 4

roxio game hd pro customize footage

C. Ease of use: There should be no issue to understand when something is connected. Controls on the programs are easy to understand all and everything is easy to operate. – Score: 5

D. Software and Felxibilidad: Now I come to the point of why I am so disappointed and brought to incandescence. The Progam . recording and editing program are damn slow in their reaction time. For me they are often crashed!

The editing software is for me the main reason of complain. Brings the whole system out of balance when they will receive their own video. For some reason then the program stopped to work. The most annoying bug was that you could not create a new profile with custom settings in the render settings, because the button “NEW” was grayed out. From support has recommended to me the repair from the DVD to do what also works, but then the driver of Roxio did not go. It’s worse is that if I wanted to use create a new profile to render the following error message was: “The Render graph could not be calculated” (or similar) and therefore are custom profiles as useless, no matter what setting. although the MPEG decoder works, but the final video has no picture, only sound. When using the best profiles, which is available for disposal, the quality of the final product greatly deteriorated and thus ! The program useless.

The next problem is that let the m2ts raw data (the recorded videos) edit nowhere else to 100% without problems: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: Sound and vision are asynchronous at 50% of the videos. Customizing does not work because of the irregular. Sony Vegas:Supports are inserted from m2ts when raw data. What do I want with data that are rendered partially asynchronously in either Roxio VideoWave or other programs are already asynchronously? -note: 3

roxio game hd pro connexions powerful video editing

Recording program -note : 1

Support: Very fast (about 12 hours), has also so far answered all my questions, but linked with my compatibility problem of video data with the FAQs and left alone. So it was not really great. Once the issues are complex or digress anyway, I noticed that most customers services subside. -note: 3

Roxio Game HD Pro makes very good pictures and is very easy to use. If one is satisfied with the quality that outputs the supplied interface program at the end of processing, then I can recommend them to anyone Let’s Player. She looks good and makes as mentioned above, a stable impression of well weighted for the hardware. It’s just plastic but the competition also has no metal housing. It’s great fun and if you have no problems, it would be equal to more productive for me. however, I decided the unit to return disappointed, and because of problems with the software because I can get the raw data is not processed further. Personally, I bring a good / cheap device useless if I can not do anything with the material and that is why I am also entitled to the final grade. As I said in the name: Good device, but poor software.

Roxio Game HD Pro final Conclusion

I have ordered the Elgato Game Capture HD and I hope that I will have no problems with the software and the raw data. You should compete among others strongly with PVR HD2.

PS: I would not say that anyone else could get the same problems. I recommend the card anyway and would say that a better result can be achieved if several people evaluate the map hope I could all make the decision easier and hope that more will try and evaluate the device. My review has degenerated into a report, because it was fun for me to evaluate the ROXIO and because I have personally had the experience that I on my search would have liked to found such a report. I was very annoyed that I could not find out on the internet, what bitrate I can set maximum. Well, now I know it and the 15000 KB / s are not constant but vary from video to video. One of my photographs has more than 16600 KB / s. And for this reason, the effort had made ​​me to write this. Greetings and have fun with the Roxio Game HD Pro.

Read about our way of reviews.

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Food you Should Always Have in Your Fridge

food you should always have in your fridgeAre you aware of the food you should always have in your fridge. Food stored in the refrigerator are perishable and have been eating and replenish within a few days or a few weeks. Whether is expected to be some time away as if not cooked regularly is useful to have some basic food to improvise a meal in minutes. But what are these foods? Food security is important to follow some basic rules to avoid any mishap; from look at the expiration date or preferred consumption of food left in the refrigerator to check the status of the containers and the cleaning of the appliance itself. A list is proposed with the eight essential food in the fridge. Read more ›

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Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Problems and Solutions

Most of Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Problems are related with low water flow

samsung refrigerator water filter problems

If you find that your samsung refrigerator is producing little to no ice or has week water delivery from the dispenser you might need to check the water filter.

Follow with the video to learn how to solve some Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Problems, first you will need to locate the water filter and check to see if it is installed properly this is acomplished if you ally the water filter properly is shown you also want to make sure that the filter is not assembled improperly or is loose or damaged.

Press the dispenser for 3 seconds and see if it now supplies a steady stream of water if not remove the water filter and test the water stram again if you find the water flow is correct this time the problem is with your water filter the filther either jammed or malfunctioning and need to be replaced.

You can usually contact the retailer you purchase the refrigerator to find out about purchasing any water filter.

Keep in mind that a water filter most likely needs replacing and start slowing down if you use it for more than six months or assessments more than 300 gallons of water.

The first thing to do when you are in doubt about having Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Problems

Check the water filter. Usually it is in the back of the refrigerator under a plastic screw cap having outside. You must remove the objects that are near the filter because it can leave some water when you withdraw the cover. Remove the filter by hand and examine it. Does it look dirty or contaminated? Has been a long time since the last time you changed? If so, you should replace it with a new one. If the filter is very dirty, the water can not pass through it. If so, chances are you’ve noticed a progressive decrease in the water dispenser before it has stopped working.
A buyer with Samsung 4 Door Fridge SRF924DLS manifests that it doesnt lock at a normal position. He contacted us to ask for a refund. Yes we accept Returned Goods in our shop.

Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Problems - Samsung Da29-00020b


A lot of Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Problems comes from using counterfeit products.

Learn how to spot products that are not original. I agree that you can find good non-original products that will work well but there are so many negative reviews about products that are not what buyers espect the to be. In the picture bellow we show you where to look to see if your product is original or not. I hope it helps you.

Samsung Da29-00020b difference between original and counterfeit

Click to Enlarge!

Another kind samsung refrigerator water filter problems was spotted among non-original products. After the replacing of the filter and using 3 galllons of water, We began to notice white items in a transparent glass. So we pass more water using the fiter. We still see some different semi solid particles of white substance in our water.

Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Problems - impure water

If you have some other Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Problems please contact us.

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How to tell if your creams and cosmetics have expired

how to tell if your creams and cosmetics have expired

Now is the good time as we change clothes in the closets should renew our make-up bag. You have to throw old products because although we are not aware, both creams and cosmetics expire.

In beauty products, expiration is indicated by a number and M (6M, 12M …), which means that once they are open, will last for those months (6 months, 12 months …) . If you do not indicate anything, it would be that the product has a shelf life of 36 months, ie, 3 years. Each product has expiration dates of guidance as its components.

  • Mascara: last approximately three to four months after its opening. If you use it a lot, three months since entering oxygen in the formula is oxidized.

– Shadows and dust translucent powder: about two years.

– Shadows cream, concealer or cream blush: one year. You will notice that they are wrong by the smell and the texture is not as creamy.

– Lipstick: about two years, but in summer it tries not to give them too hot. If you have a favorite bar and you are somewhere very hot, put it in the fridge.

– Lip Gloss: two years. You will notice that it gets bad when the color and texture changes.Above all, as I said before, if they are exposed to large temperature changes.

  • Bases of liquid makeup: one year. If you see that it is separated into two or more layers, throw it away. As with lipstick, I advise that if you subject them to high temperatures the refresquéis in the fridge so they do not break their formulas.

– Kohl: approximately two to three years.

– Lipsticks: three years.

– Nail polish: 12 months.

– Loose or compact powders: 12-24 months.

– Face Moisturizer: 12 months. Strictly follows the expiration date printed on the packaging, its impact on the skin is very strong!

– Body Moisturizer: 12 months.

– Contour Eye of 6-12 months.

  • Sunscreens: 12 months. After this time may lose their effectiveness because the filters are not stable and are degraded.

– Cleansing: 6 to 12 months.

– Deodorant: 12 months.

– Shampoo and bath gel: 12 to 18 months.

With makeup or creams in disrepair irritation, blisters and allergic reactions can occur. Be careful, especially with concealers and creams because that is the thin, delicate skin of our face.

As to hair care products, do not let outdoors. Do not forget to close them well and when you’ve used. The shampoos and masks, when open, expiring in the next two months.Hair styling products are different. For example, the texture of a gel can harden fixing if not used regularly.

It is also important to wash your sponges well, tassels and makeup brushes. Remember that cleaning our utensils is essential for maintaining healthy and clean skin. Wash them with shampoo, acláralas thoroughly with warm water, let them dry in a towel and not manipulate it with hairdryers ruin the hair brush.

I would also advise that whenever you wear makeup with a cleansing wipe clear your makeup brushes and containers. It takes a minute but keep everything perfect makeup.


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Rain of Negative Reviews for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

We found outside of english speaking people more than one Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Negative Review.

Maybe it will make you think twice before deciding to buy or not. Read more ›

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T-fal FZ7002 Actifry Review

I think that I started to write this T-fal FZ7002 Actifry Review because we’re all pretty conscious about the issue of healthy and natural food but we are not always able to maintain a fully balanced, healthy, natural food and also quick and easy to make and / or that appeals to everyone, our tradition makes fried or fatty foods are made with the normal pan and in this case, getting a traditional healthy cuisine but they have “invented” this “fryer”.

WHY AND HOW IS this T-fal FZ7002 Actifry Review

The outward appearance is between a yogurt maker and a fryer, is round, 30 cm. in diameter, black and chromed out with a container such that an inner Teflon pan having an axis where the blade is inserted. All covered with a transparent lid that lets us see inside Outside there is a control panel consists of a connector and a clock and buttons for opening the lid of the pan.

In addition to the case that we have a book with detailed assembly instructions, operation and, importantly, appliance maintenance and other interesting recipes where they explain in detail why and how to cook different dishes (not only fried) with this device .


As indicated in the t-fal fz7002 actifry review instructions is a “fryer” that runs on circulating hot air and the food is cooked as it moves through the inner blade that rotates continuously, so this move allows to distribute the very little oil that we need for cooking the content ( a tablespoon is enough to “fry” a kg of French fries). Both the air and continuous motion does not stick anything and is cooking even.

To avoid problems of over-cooked has a beeper that sounds when the time runs out, about the time you can have information in the recipe that you have attached.


It takes very little oil so we saved money and calories. It is covered virtually no smell (in addition to use little oil much less) and you cook without fat and odor.

Cleaning is easy because the shovel and the “pan” is disassembled and cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher without any problems. The cap also is removed and cleaned easily, the rest do not need to be cleaned much because everything always clean clogged.

Another hit is that the cover is transparent becauseand in this way you have control over the process whichl is necessary at least in the beginning because cooking times are not always as accurate and is much easier to be guided by the appearance of the food.


Worse, start, price, although in some ways it is amortized mainly with saving oil, a t-fal fz7002 actifry review that is not exactly cheap (if you use olive, of course) and in fryers much wasted.

No automatic shutdown, has a warning but she does not disconnect itself when time passes so I can not be “left alone” cooking. If you spend a minute nothing happens, but as safer than food excessively dry or just burning.

PRICE of T-fal FZ7002 Actifry Review

I mentioned that it is not a cheap appliance, the official price is around …click to see price (although I cost me 160 for a good deal I found) compared with any fryer is expensive, no fryers and half a liter (for a kilo food).
The appeal of the method “oil” of “more natural” and the expected savings in both oil and energy (they say it consumes less than half the power of a traditional fryer), besides being a lot cleaner made that we had just end up buying

T-fal FZ7002 Actifry Review - image from real buyers T-fal FZ7002 Actifry Review - images from real buyers

First recognize that it has really paid off. True saving in every way: oil is saved because you do not need more than a couple of tablespoons at most for any dish; power savings as the amount of food you cook at one time is increased and they do not require heating resistors on high for some time to keep hot oil, electricity savings is considerable; and also you save calories, really interesting question recently.

A tip is to use use a good oil, dishes are much tastier and it is true that the good oil “fry” best in this type of machine. If olive oil is much better, this machine is not overheated so there is no danger of decomposition which has fryers, besides the gold it is much more attractive.
By not using oil immersion you can use to cook Salseando (the chicken is brill here with a Provencal herbs) and also take cooking to thaw frozen leaving taste that much better.

In short it is perfect for eating fried without much of your calories and so are healthier, also for cooking easier and also much cleaner.
As directed some fries (750 grams) are fried in 35 minutes with a tablespoon of oil. Personally I put a few more minutes, especially because I have a habit of cutting gorditas so they need a little longer to cook properly. If they are selling frozen the 15 minutes are perfect (the brave few minutes) with half a tablespoon of oil.

You can also cook more special dishes, for example a spring rolls (of which sold fresh or frozen) 4 of the great fit and are crunchy on 20 minutes with a little oil. You can also make tempura in about 10 minutes or chicken wings in 40 minutes, wings that can be left in dressing for a while, they are delicious. You can also prepare fish or shellfish before long, healthy and natural, personally do some salmon in tempura batter costs no more than 15 minutes and is yummy.

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Family Garden – type water filters and drip irrigation exudative

The drip irrigation, frequent, low volume and low pressure achieved both through drip emitters as exuding hoses, are the main problem in sealing the pores leaving water that prevent the water from irrigation. Risk increases if a careful and detailed monitoring is unable to detect the lack of irrigation, before the plants themselves give clear signs of be drying.

This is the biggest problem of these risks located, for low speed and low water pressure of work, facilitate the filling of small pores of these irrigation systems, hence the need to prevent as far as possible these problems by proper pre-filtering the water that we use in these risks.

These impurities may be due to mineral or organic particles entrained by the water, producing chemical precipitates or dissolved by changing the conditions of pressure and concentration that occur in the discharge points salts.

Two types of measures to be taken in the fight against the seals, if we have an effective and safe system of irrigation located:

Preventive measures mainly filtering and water treatment.
Corrective measures, which apply when the sealing occurred. As acid treatments, pressure, etc.
Among preventive measures, the most obvious is to place a filter at the entrance of the flow of irrigation water. There are various models and sizes we filter and choose the most suitable to the characteristics and volumes of water will seep into our case.

In any case the filters must be placed as far forward as possible, even, if possible before water meters, as suspended particles can cause errors in flow measurement.

There are three basic variants of water filters, from highest to lowest simplicity. logically correspond to the order goes low to high efficiency of the apparatus are hydrocyclones, filters “cartridge” and sand filters.

 Hydrocyclone filtering

Hydrocyclone filtering

If the impurities present in the water are significantly higher than the density of water, for example they are gravel extraction from the well torn by the pump suction extraction, a good and effective water purification system is to make it go through a hydrocyclone.

It is based on a tangential water inlet in a cylindrical section which creates a rotary motion trailing impurities to a conical section where the separation of solids occurs.Normally if impurities are dense substances are retained until 98% of particles larger than 100 microns. These particles are confined in the bottom of the hydrocyclone can be opened from the bottom for cleaning, while clean water flows through a tube that begins at mid-height of the cylindrical section and out the top.

This filter has the advantage that pressure losses are minimal so that in most cases can be installed on the same circuit water inlet without additional equipment or additional pumping.

Cartridge filter

Cartridge filter

Although fairly simple and widely used filters are called “cartridge”. They are forced to transfer water to a porous membrane that makes a sieving, retaining those particles above the holes in its pore size. The cartridge is usually made ​​of plastic, perforated metal or wire mesh., Usually in both cases, stainless steel ..

Any of these filters sooner or later, the particle retention is clogging the filter, so occasionally we must either proceed or cleaning or replacing, existing filtration systems more sophisticated filters automatic procedures Clean filters.

These cartridges are effective in clean water, such as drinking or municipal water supply from the pumping from underground wells, that only accidentally drag a particle of sand or other non-organic impurities, because if the water is muddy silt, or subject organic and suspended algae, such as water from irrigation ditch or regulatory ponds, cartridge filters quickly become saturated, so they are much more effective, the latter type of filter, sand filter, such as that usually they used for cleaning swimming pool water, for example. Therefore we discourage cartridge filters in cases of water containing suspended algae.

The filter “cartridge” are classified in turn filters “cartridges” itself and mesh filters, but the main difference comes from the number of pores or holes that have the filter and sizes this.

The cartridges are small filters are suitable for flow rates less than 10 m3 / h are indicated for retaining sands because organic matter with fibrous structure, usually relatively easily slip through the mesh holes. These filters must be able to retain particles that are larger than 1/8 of the minimum pitch diameter of the issuer that is to be installed, either dropper or exudative pore ..

Mesh filters are constituted by a cylindrical body which houses in its interior a mesh cartridge which may have different sizes of holes, through which circulates the water to be filtered. There are screens in various shapes and sizes. In all the water flows into the inner chamber of the cartridge. Passing through the cartridge wall, the particles that are larger than the mesh openings, are retained and accumulate inside.

The mesh filter clogging occurs gradually, each time leaving a smaller area for the passage of water and thus increasing the load losses produced. Filter cleaning is performed by opening the valve at the bottom of the filter, where will the water dragging retained impurities, but also can. you can perform a more thorough cleaning of the same cartridge disassembling and cleaning with pressurized water or a brush. There are other models where cleaning can even automatically.

The key in the filter mesh is the “mesh number” or number of openings per linear inch, counted from the center by a thread, so talk of a mesh size of 120 mesh or 120 holes, note that this number, does not refer to the size of the holes but their number, cartridges with the same “number of mesh” may present different orifice sizes typically filters made with steel threads are finer than plastic, so that equality of mesh, the steel mesh holes are larger than the plastic however this is not mathematical, such a filter made of nylon with a technique similar to that used for the manufacture of nylon stockings, has similar characteristics the steel Mayan ..

The “mesh number” is therefore an indicative data on the filtering capacity of filter. A more accurate data would illustrate the pore diameter and the number of pores of the filter, or a data related to this, the hollow ratio is in a square inch of fabric filter and the filter surface, or empty area because the orifice size, indicates the size of the particles that the filter passes and the amount of water that can filter at a given pressure, is in proportion to the blank portion, but these values ​​are not always given by the manufacturer, so in many cases we have to make do with partial information provided meet the “mesh number”.

It is usually considered to metal mesh between 50 and 200 mesh, the coefficient of empty area and it is practically constant 0.34. (We could take the same value for nylon mesh to 120 mesh).

This area must be sealed by discounting the support surface, what we should look for is that with all these free herded losses is greater, for example 50% more than the diameter of the water pipe that brings irrigation water so that the difficulty for the flow to pass through the filter is minimized, although this is partially clogged.

On the other hand we might think that the fine holes May be the best meshes, but it is not so, for smaller holes increase the frequency with which you have to clean the filters. Simply retain particles of a size 1/7 of smaller diameter pass dropper, a value can be raised to 1/5 in the case of micro, hear the margin left is because particles often fall to pass through the mesh but later fly to unite

Sand filters

Sand filters

Sand filters or gravel filters work well where it requires a very fine filtration by conveying the material water silt in suspension and can cause serious problems in modern micro-irrigation systems.
Sand filters are complementary to mesh filters. A filter cartridge sufficient vertical height, which retains a certain amount of sand with a grain size between 1.2 mm and 0.8 mm. The crevices between the sand grains act as a filter. retaining all particles in suspension.

To clean this filter, the water is introduced in the opposite direction so that the water itself and stirred up the sand and dragged releasing particles that have been trapped between the grains of sand. This must be adjusted to backwash the sand “Mulla” with water, but not to be pulled out of the filter or otherwise not washed sand is insufficient and become trapped in the sand particles. Typically one valve controlling the various steps of the water so the maneuver all kinds of operations with the filter is simplified.

Which increases the filtering pump pressure is needed to force the passage of water through the sand for both the filter and wash. If we consider that we need a filter of this kind we turn to experts to advise us on appropriate to our case sizes and is convenient to leave installation to professionals, as and precise pressure better quality installation which can providing a “handyman”.

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Etekcity 774 Infrared Thermometer Review

Tests and Etekcity 774 Infrared Thermometer Review

The Etekcity 774 Infrared Thermometer Review starts here by the first issue that comes up. Contactless Laser Pointer detecting the temperature of objects. Once you release the button, the measurement result is stored (“Hold” function). Very handy if you want to measure hard to reach places.

Product link: Etekcity Temperature Gun Non Contact Infrared Thermometer W Laser Sight

For a quick reader

The Etekcity 774 Infrared Thermometer Review looks good (pleasant surface finish) and works as described (but …. Read More!).
The results must be taken with much caution (depending on the object to be measured).
Unlike the thermometers often used, the device with a wealth of materials and a high temperature range must be completed.
In my opinion, a device that most people get confused with.
It works great, if you know the properties of the surface to be measured. However, there is no way to recalibrate the device.
What does not work: all that glitters or what a small surface has (bulbs, pot shelves …)
What super works: walls, monitors (anti-reflective), refrigerator walls.

In this Etekcity 774 Infrared Thermometer Review we would like you to be noted that the measuring circuit becomes larger with increasing distance. This means that the further you want to measure the measured object distance, the more enlarged the circle, which is used for temperature determination. The guide also explains how different materials different well radiate heat (we know the drill: black things heat up indeed in the sun faster than light, etc).

EXPERIMENT 1: A CUP OF HOT WATER. THE REFERENCE USED IS A Hotset 5221326 Hotrod Cartridge Heater With Thermocouple, 8.0mm Diameter, 230V, 130mm Length, 400W, Internally Mounted Leads.

Thermocouples have the advantage to react very small too fast and quickly (because there are virtually only two twisted wires). The disadvantage is the complicated evaluation (is here done in multimeter). Mostly they are just (in absolute terms – because the room temperature must be available as a reference and this compensation can generate a few degrees deviation) not particularly. But the test with boiling water showed amazingly accurate “99 ° – I reckon with +/- 3 ° inaccuracy safety.

The result disillusioned. I hold the device very close over cup (thus the loop smaller the diameter of the cup remains) and measure the maximum temperature (stored on the “Hold” function). We are about 8 ° next (without the error of the thermocouple).

Problem: the rising steam could affect the measurement.

Etekcity 774 Infrared Thermometer Review - reading problem HEISSE TASSE: AT LEAST 5 DEGREES NEXT – WATER DOES NOT SEEM GOOD TO EMIT.


In the fridge there in the top compartment fairly uniform temperature. The jam was about 10 ° (yes that’s right – you should display the refrigerator just do not trust).

Etekcity 774 Infrared Thermometer Review - test


A saucepan bottom is heated and now things get tight: The meter is above 50 ° danaben. This is due to the silver metal surface of the pot. Here the principle fails. But even the “pure” ceramic hob, the result appears implausible. Apparently “slip” the measuring field on the glowing heating elements (result: the display is too high).

The cause of this “error” is the calibration of the instrument on an emissivity of 0.95 (see detail of the instructions above). The case of the polished metal surface is also expressly mentioned. Etekcity 774 Infrared Thermometer Review does therefore absolutely as described.

Etekcity 774 Infrared Thermometer Review - testing


The unit split is almost self (what I mean positive now). The good external impression is confirmed: the structure inside there is nothing to complain about.

Etekcity 774 Infrared Thermometer Review - electronic circuit


Etekcity 774 Infrared Thermometer Review - testing - electronic circuit


etekcity 774 infrared thermometer review - laser lens


The control board. Sauber soldered.

The control board. Sauber soldered.

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Dyson DC 29 Sounds Like a Scam

I have three years with Dyson DC 29.

I don’t know how to explain to my family that week was already regretting having spent such a fortune on a vacuum cleaner.

A big online seller stopped to sell Dyson DC 29.

dyson-dc-29-scam Lovely design and ten in Advertising and Marketing functions but fails to “sell you” like any other aims rather low power. It occupies a lot of space and over, this is the worst; you have to clean the filters (in plural) every few minutes and there are small and easy to clean and I must add that filters must be at least 24 hours in the sun before drying. You have to spend one day a month dedicated to Mr. Hoover. Read more ›

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